2023-02-20 19:30:21

Perfect tool for converting music files!

For a person who needs to convert music files very often, I find Apple Music Unlocker to be the perfect tool for converting! It made everything become a piece of cake. Thanks!


2022-06-05 14:23:48

Covert my music files at such a fast speed!

Before I use this tool, I never knew that one app can convert music files at such a speed. It was just like a blink of an eye! Highly recommend!


2022-05-15 16:05:27

Remove DRM in the simplest way.

With this app in hand, I can no longer worry about the DRM restrictions and can convert my songs and keep them playable on different platforms. Awesome!


2022-04-30 16:09:20

Many Output formats supported!

Apple Music Unlocker really satisfies all my demands for file formats. No matter if it is MP3, M4A, AC3, AAC, FLAC or etc, it can easily complete my jobs!


2022-02-26 11:22:19

What a great music player for Apple users!

This app really helps me to enjoy my music on multiple devices and I can play the music anywhere without an Internet connection after downloading them. Highly recommend.