2023-04-19 10:29:23

Well done!

The screen time limits were quite annoying. It kept interrupting me when I was on my iPhone. My dad wouldn't tell me the password so I found this software by myself. It did a great job to remove the screen time password with simple steps.


2022-06-23 14:13:44

Excellent tool for unlocking iPhone

This software helped me access my old iPhone with ease. I have no idea what the screen passcode is because I haven't used it for several years. I simply followed the steps and it got fixed quickly. I was impressed. Nice tool, I got to say.


2022-05-19 12:45:23

Save my locked iPhone

My kid was naughty. While I was cooking, he made guessing the phone lock screen password a game. When I found out, everything was too late and my iPhone said "try again in 25 years...". Thank god I found this unlocking tool on the Internet and saved my iPhone from being locked for many years. Great software!


2022-01-22 18:25:12

Remove Apple ID without hassle

My friend gave me his old iPhone but he totally forgot the Apple ID and password. This tool helped me get rid of the Apple ID easily. It's amazing. After just a few clicks, I finally take full control of this iPhone. Thanks!