Fix SIM Network Unlock PIN free to Unlock Your Phone

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: March 30, 2022

When you get a SIM error in your device, that's not a manufacturer's problem. Instead, the software developers put a lock code to enjoy customer loyalty. They use this to promote the network in liaison with specific phone developers. However, this comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

The worst is when you relocate to a different country where the supported network isn't available. Do you opt for expensive roaming services or fix SIM network unlock pin free? The latter is the answer. There are several ways to unlock carriers on your Apple Watch/iPhone/iPad, etc.

Do you know how best to go about it? This is your go-to article when looking for several options that help you to unlock the SIM. You should differentiate between a SIM-locked device, a network-locked device, and a password-locked device. These are three different unlock functions that have different ways of handling them. Our focus in this article is how to fix SIM network unlock pin free.

Part 1: What You Should Know About SIM Network Unlock Pin FreePart 2: Fix a Locked SIM Using the ComputerPart 3: How to Fix a Locked SIM Without a ComputerPart 4: How to Fix a Locked SIM OnlinePart 5: How to Unlock Your Passcode before Unlocking The SIM- iOS UnlockerConclusion

Part 1: What You Should Know About SIM Network Unlock Pin Free

A locked SIM means the device is locked to use a specific network provided using the SIM cards specifically. The carrier only wants the devices to support the network such that any other SIM cant is detected on the SIM-locked device.

Therefore, you need to have the carrier provide the unlock codes o open the device to accept SIM from other carrier networks. You can also choose to purchase the codes from accredited partners or instead use a unlock code generator to crack them. Whatever method you use, ensure it's legal and sustainable and maintains the warranty status.

Part 2: Fix a Locked SIM Using the Computer

The kind of operating system installed on the phone determines the method to use on the computer; mainly, the computer downloads the applications, and you must use one that supports the OS of the locked devices. In that case, you need to follow these instructions to fix the SIM network unlock pin free.

  • Install a SIM Unlock software on your computer and connect the locked phone using the USB
  • Run the application and ensure it detects the locked device
  • Set the phone to service mode by dialing "*#0808#" or "#9090#" or "##3424#" and select the "UART [*]" or "CDMAMODEM" or “M+MODEM+ADB"
  • Click the Unlock menu to unlock the SIM network.
  • Repeat step three (the dialing procedures) to return the phone to unlocked status

Select Service Mode to Fix a Locked SIM Network

Part 3: How to Fix a Locked SIM Without a Computer

When you have no computer, it doesn't mean you can't fix SIM network unlock pin free. You only need to look for another method to suit what you have at hand. Moreover, you may need to use the service when far away from the computer. In that case, follow this procedure, but you need to have an internet connection.

  • Connect the locked phone to the internet and look for GalaxSIM Unlock App from PlayStore
  • Set up and launch the application and select the "Unlock" mode to start and finish the process within seconds
  • That's how to unlock the SIM; you can only confirm by switching off the phone, removing the SIM card, and inserting another from a different cellular network. If it works, that's a done deal in fixing SIM network unlock pin free.

Part 4: How to Fix a Locked SIM Online

The web comes with several options when it comes to SIM unlock features. One of the ways in trying to fix SIM network unlock pin free is through Unlock Authority. I guess you are wondering how.

Here are the steps:

  • Using your favorite browser, get to the third party unlock service- mainly from the service provider
  • Fill in the form and include all the details, including the phone model and number
  • Click the Unlock menu to get an unlock code
  • Enter the characters

How to Fix SIM Network Unlock Pin for Free

You have an open phone that supports any SIM network in that simple process.

Part 5: How to Unlock Your Passcode before Unlocking The SIM- iOS Unlocker

A passcode is essential to minimize unauthorized access for the safety of the phone data unless you have the passcode. Have you ever thought of losing the passcode or someone changing it, or the screen is unresponsive?

You can only fix the SIM network unlock pin free if you access the phone. We introduce a different unlock dimension, and that involves unlocking the phone. This needs a digital solution. They are available in the market, but one unique one is iOS Unlocker.

This comprehensive toolkit unlocks an iPhone, supports the removal of Apple ID, and acts as a screen time management toolkit. Our area of interest is the open option. It's important to note that the application only works for Apple devices.

Free Download Free Download

Here are the steps:

  • Download, install and launch iOS Unlocker.
  • Choose Wipe Passcode mode and click the Start button.
  • Using the USB cable connect the iPhone to the computer and accept the Trust agreements
  • Confirm the listed device information and click Start again
  • After some minutes, the firmware download process is complete; click the Unlock icon and enter "0000" as the unlock code and confirm.

Unlock Passcode before Unlocking the SIM

That's how the passcode is erased for you to fix SIM network unlock pin free. What a pretty simple toolkit?

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You all need to use the device without limitation, that's to third-party tools available to fix SIM network unlock pin free. However, this is only possible when you have access to the phone, but when you have it locked using a passcode.

Unfortunately, you have no key; you have to run a start process using a reliable tool like iOS Unlocker to open the phone before managing the SIM-locked functions. This is a must-remember article, for it will come in handy one day when working on your day-to-day phone activities.

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