[2024 UPDATED] The Best Ways to Stream Music to iPhone

“I have been looking for the best ways to stream music to iPhone. Do you have great suggestions that I can resort to using?”

Our lives would definitely be incomplete without the presence of music. I bet lots of people would surely agree with this. As time goes by, our methods of listening to music have definitely changed and improved.

With advancements in technology, music streaming has become more seamless and accessible. Beginning with listening to songs via CDs and cassette tapes, jumping into the digital world, and then getting immersed in the perks offered by streaming service providers (which can be accessed through portable devices and computers), truly, music listening has already been brought to a new level.

But still, there could be other music enthusiasts who are probably sticking with the digital music collections that they have collated over the years. Though most have already moved to using these music streaming platforms, there could be others who can’t seem to do that due to, perhaps, location restrictions or other various reasons.

Regardless of these statements, if you are an iPhone user, we are sure that the content that we have here will help you out in some way, as we are going to share some ways to stream music to iPhone. If you are interested in this topic, then just keep reading.

Contents Guide Part 1: Five Methods to Stream Music to iPhone [Subscription Required]Part 2: An Extra Tip to Stream Spotify Music to iPhones [Without Limitations]Part 3: Summary

Part 1: Five Methods to Stream Music to iPhone [Subscription Required]

Being a new iPhone user or someone who has been using an iPhone but has no idea how to stream music to iPhone, finding out some methods to do so would definitely be beneficial. In this section, we will be sharing right away the five best ways to stream music to iPhone.

#1. Using Music Streaming Service Providers

Technology advancements gave birth to music streaming service providers. Such platforms are good places that offer flexible and great music listening experiences at affordable costs, including the ability to discover new tracks, genres, collections, and more.

However, it must be kept in mind that the tracks that are available on these platforms aren’t actually owned by subscribers. The contents are protected and encrypted with DRM, which makes them inaccessible outside the designated apps. Plus, though downloading and offline listening features are available, the moment the subscriptions are canceled, the saved tracks will all be gone.

Here are some examples of these great platforms that you can use to stream music to iPhone.


Spotify is a subscription-based platform that also has a free version that can be used by any user. It has a friendly interface, which makes it easy for first-time listeners to browse and explore the app. It has a huge collection of content.

Subscribing to any of its paid plans will let you experience exclusive advantages. It has an app that can be installed on various devices and a web player that can be accessed through the web. If you opt to use the free version, you should expect to experience several limitations: ad popups, a limited number of skips, the inability to stream offline, etc.

Apple Music

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music has no free version but has a free trial offer for first-time users. Subscribing to any of its available subscription plans will let one enjoy the features offered by the platform. It has an app that can be installed on iOS devices and Android gadgets. In order to continue listening to the songs, albums, and playlists on this platform, one’s subscription should be maintained.

YouTube Music

YouTube has become popularly known as an app for video streaming. Later on, YouTube Music was also introduced to the public, which is more dedicated to providing music services to its users. Unlike when using the YouTube app, with YouTube Music, you can stream music in the background (when you’re browsing on other apps).

The same with other platforms; you can normally do bunches of usual functions such as browsing and searching for songs, downloading for listening in offline mode, etc. It’s just that since it’s relatively new compared to others, this isn’t yet available in all locations in the world. To experience ad-free listening, subscribing to a premium plan is the way to go.

#2. Downloading Music from PC to iPhone

One of the basic ways to stream music to iPhone is to transfer the music collections that you have on your computer to your iPhone. If you are not too keen on subscribing to a premium plan with a certain music streaming service provider, you may resort to just listening to the songs that you have saved on your PC. Using this option to stream music to iPhone will let you forever listen to the songs in offline mode and even keep them as long as you want to.

#3. Using the iTunes Application

iTunes has been a popular app for iOS users given that, aside from being a media player, it also serves as a file manager wherein one can store media files and digital content. If you have purchased music from iTunes before, using the app could also be considered a good method to stream music to iPhone. Even so, if you already have collections in your music library, you can directly listen to them, as iPhones support iTunes.

Just in case you are planning to sync your iTunes data files to your iPhone, keep in mind that doing so will erase the files from the app. To save the files to your iPhone, it is recommended to import them without using the iTunes app.

#4. Using Local Media Players

You may also resort to using some local and free media players in order to stream music to iPhone. VLC Media Player could be a good example. Apart from supporting music files, it’s an app that also supports video files.

#5. Using Stored Music Files on Online Storage Clouds

Online storage clouds are also a trend nowadays. Accessing files you previously stored or saved via your iPhone is so easy. Google Drive, as one example, provides free storage space for users. It’s just that when streaming the files, your iPhone should be connected to a stable Wi-Fi network to avoid any interruptions.

Part 2: An Extra Tip to Stream Spotify Music to iPhones [Without Limitations]

If, the most appealing method for you to stream music to iPhone is via music streaming platforms like Spotify, it would then be good to find out more about how you can listen to the songs from this platform without any limitations.

Thankfully, there are apps like Spotify Music Unlocker that can help get rid of the songs’ DRM protection (unlocking them and making them flexible enough to be played on any device), allowing the downloading process to commence. Additionally, it supports song conversion to common formats like MP3.

Free Download Free Download

If you’d like to experience the lossless conversion process of Spotify Music Unlocker, you’d need to download and install the app on your PC first. Afterward, just fire it up to begin. The steps below should be done next.

Step #1. Tap the “Open the Spotify web player” option that’s on the main screen of the app (upon launching).

Tab to Open The Spotify Web Player to Stream Music to iPhone

Step #2. Upon being directed to a new page, look for the “Log in” option and then provide your account details to sign into your Spotify account. If you don’t have an account yet, creating one is seamless. Just press the “Sign up” option.

Sign In Your Account for Converting Songs

Step #3. Choose the album or playlist that you’d like to process, and then hit the green “add” icon afterward. This will let you add the songs in the playlist to Spotify Music Unlocker. Dragging and dropping the playlist to the green “add” icon should also be effective.

Add The Songs You Want to Convert from Spotify to iPhone

Duplication should not happen since this tool can automatically detect double-ups.

Step #4. Select your preferred output format from the available list, and then change the output folder location if you like.

Choose The Output Format for The Chosen Songs on Spotify

Step #5. The transformation of the added songs shall begin once the “Convert” or “Convert All” option is tapped. At the same time, Spotify Music Unlocker will also unlock the tracks under its protection.

Convert The Songs You Chose Before

All you need to do upon having the converted and DRM-free tracks is save them to your iPhone for streaming in offline mode whenever you want to. The good thing here is that you can keep the songs on your iPhone as long as you want.

Part 3: Summary

In order to stream music to iPhone, you can check out some options or methods that were shared in this post. You can use some music streaming platforms, transfer your music files from your PC to your iPhone, use media players, and more. Just in case you are a Spotify enthusiast who’s been looking for a way to make your Spotify favorites forever accessible on your device, don’t forget that tools like Spotify Music Unlocker can help you download and convert the songs.

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